The Last Glaze at Queen Anne




Oh Anna, dressed in a white cap
Don’t rise your dark eyes to the Heavens
Look at this cruel crowd
That has come here for you

You always wanted to be worshiped
From above you looked at the world
Never lowered your eyes down
Stepping on the ground was never for you

Even when your days were counted
You despised all that you escaped from
To a scarlet velvet and a royal bed
Where your womb delivered the greatest of the queens

You were given more than you imagined
You drove man to his madness
Hated by all, falling into the abyss
You will never be forgotten

Bolina with the string of pearls
Surrounding this thin, white neck
Do not entrust your soul to the heavens
They are the ones to blame

Lord Jesus does not forgive the rebellion
Feminine audacity and truth
The honest blood they have called treason
Ruthless men and enslaved women

Do not regret any day
Yet you have come here to die
Not leaning your head against the butcher
And you didn’t beg for money to be killed

A sword just ended chapter first
So look proudly over the heads
Because among all women here
You are the only one justified


 X 2012





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